Welcome to Hark at Home!

Hello there!

I’m Lauren, a wife, first-time mother, musician, artist/designer, and late adopter of technology. Yes, it’s 2012, and I’m just now starting a blog.

Here I’ll share honest and irreverent thoughts on style, faith, and family. I’ll post home and fashion finds from my treasure hunting excursions, and I may share creative projects currently in progress. I’m sure I’ll also include stories about my bitty baby and things I’m learning along the way.

Since we’re getting to know each other, here are some fun facts about me:

  • I am a typography nerd, and I almost stopped watching a show on Netflix because it used Papyrus in the credits.
  • Korean Karaoke is one of my favourite outings, and I sing “Paint it Black” nearly every time we go. Unfortunately I do not have moves like Jagger.
  • When I was four, I decided I wanted to be British when I grew up. I have not yet achieved my goal, but I do occasionally spell things with that lovely extra “u” (see previous fun fact).

How about you? Leave a comment and introduce yourself with a fun fact!


  1. Katharine Moran

    Hello! I am your cousin Katharine. Looking forward to reading. Fun Facts: I judge people when they overuse exclamation points, and I like to read magazines from back to front.

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