Project 333: Outfits Part 2

Here is my second set of outfits from my Project 333 wardrobe experiment. (You can find the first set of outfits here.)

I began this project with the suspicion that my constantly growing wardrobe and packed closet were not adding to my life. Wearing only thirty-three items of clothing for a set period of time seemed like a fairly simple way to see if I might enjoy living with less. Turns out I do.

In seven weeks, I have not worn the same outfit twice, and I have not grown bored with my options. It almost feels like a game making new outfits from my options, and I find what I’m wearing is more creative and more reflective of who I am. I can confidently say that you do not have to be a minimalist to enjoy a simplified wardrobe.

Though I’ve done some online window shopping, I have not added to my wardrobe during these weeks. I’ve even left my “off limits” clothes (those not selected for my thirty-three items) alone, with the exception of making two swaps.

I chose not to include shoes and accessories in my count, though I did limit my selection of these items as well. I have had a tougher time sticking to my pared down options here, and I’ve added back some packed away shoes and jewelry. I’ll keep working with those things to find what works for me.

Now that Easter is here and Lent is over, I’m setting a new goal to extend the project with my current items through June. I feel like I’ve taking one significant step toward simplifying my life and having my reality more closely reflect my priorities, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes me.

Anyone else care to join me and give this a try? Where might you benefit from less in your life?


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  2. Lilly

    I can’t tell you how much I love your posts (and colour choices!). I follow Project333 on facebook which is how I found your blog and it makes a lot more sense to me than other posts about it. You’ve really tailored the project to fit you and it has inspired me to do the same. I think i’ve been avoiding it because it seemed impossible but I think I just need to make it my own. Your wardrobe looks stunning – could you tell me what brands you mainly buy? You’ve really nailed the colour combinations!!

    • harkathome

      Thank you for your kind words! I have been wanting to try a minimalist wardrobe for a while, but I had hesitated in part because I love pattern and color. I’m happy to discover that this can be adapted to any style, including mine. Many of my things are from Madewell, Anthropologie, and Lands End (their regular line and their Canvas collection). I also love thrifting and find many of my things secondhand (like the striped Banana Republic dress). I’m so glad you are inspired, and good luck as you try out your own Project 333!

  3. Joy

    Love all these outfits and the fact that you’ve turned this into a game. Inspiring! I just started and, like you, chose not to include shoes and jewelry at this point though I’m also weeding out my collection. What a great creative spin you’ve put into your choices–fabulous!

  4. Amy G

    I just found your blog through your pintrest and I’m really enjoying reading your thoughts on this challenge! I participated in a 20 for 30 hosted by Greater Than Rubies and I was also surprised at how many options I had with so few things. You’ve got some great pieces here, and have made lots of great outfits from them! Keep up the good work!

  5. absolute addict

    I know a lot of people take this project differently…I’m thinking about starting it myself and was wondering do you count your shoes/jewelry/belts as an item or are these bonus items? I know in the “rules” it states they should be counted I was just curious how you did yours. Great posts really enjoying your blog 🙂

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