Project 333: A Month of Summer Outfits

I’m about six weeks into my second round of Project 333, a minimalist wardrobe challenge that involves wearing just thirty-three items of clothing for three months. I bend the rules by not counting shoes and accessories in my 33 items, though I’ve chosen to limit those as well. I started this round with 28 items of clothing, and I have since lost one item and gained two (more on that later!) to bring my working total to 30. I left a little space in my count this time so I could fill some holes or bring in a couple fresh items, and I think this is a good approach for me.

Here are some snapshots of outfits I’ve put together this round:


Like I mentioned, I have made a couple modifications to my collection since beginning this round. The mint tee (seen in the fourth outfit from the top left) has not survived. Pasta with marinara sauce, a toddler, and overly ambitious stain removal tactics left the top with two large bleached out circles. So that shirt has left the collection.

I have added two items that were both hand me downs (hand me overs?): a maxi dress not yet pictured and a pair of straight leg designer jeans (seen in the bottom row, third from the left). Free clothes can be a help or a hindrance to dressing with less. In this case, these two items fit me and my style well, and they filled gaps in my wardrobe. I was thankful to accept these generous offers.

I’ve also noticed some differences in seasonal capsule wardrobes. In my first round, I tried to make a different outfit for each day of the project. I made a game of it, and I enjoyed the creative styling challenge. Making unique combinations was easier when the weather was cooler and I could layer sweaters, jackets, and scarves.

Though I have fewer layering options in the summer heat, I’m still finding plenty of new combinations. I’m also repeating outfits at will. The second outfit from the top left (striped tee, dark skinny jeans, black canvas sandals) has been one of my summer favorites.

Another aspect that makes summer more challenging is laundry. I live in the Deep South of the United States, and the weather gets HOT! Sweat is an unfortunate summer reality, and my items require more frequent laundering this time around. I have adjusted, but I’ll be happy when the weather cools down again in a few months.

I have now been dressing with less since March, and I am dressing with more freedom and confidence than ever before. I haven’t fully cracked the code on my impulse shopping, but I’m making strides. I can now say with assurance that I have enough. Thirty-three items are enough–more than enough, even. I would rather have a closet contain 33 items I love than one bursting with things I sort of, kind of like.

Are you thinking about trying a capsule wardrobe or Project 333? Are you already dressing with less? I’d love to hear about your experience!



  1. daisylinshih

    Love this! I actually just started a shorter version of Project 333. You have a wonderful selection of pieces that go so well together– evidence of your coherent, confident style. So great!
    xx Daisy

    • harkathome

      Joanna, that spreadsheet is incredible! I like seeing your wear count. Isn’t it surprising that some things *still* aren’t worn, even with a limited wardrobe? I’d like to try some of your approach to documenting my process next round. Thanks for reading!

      • Joanna

        Thank you! I love lists and spreadsheets so I couldn’t resist trying it for P333! I know, even when we have limited choice it’s amazing that we still go for the same items again and again! I’ve just switched to an autumn/winter 33 so I’m interested to see if this pattern will be reflected again. Good luck with documenting your process – will be great to read more about it.

  2. Verena Erin Polowy (@VerenaErin)

    I love your Project 333 choices, especially the colours and prints you incorporated. You have great style!!

    I also left some space in my 33 items and let myself swap a few things that didn’t end up working, it made my first time a lot easier and more fun I think.
    Thanks for sharing your cute outfits and experience!

  3. adventuresintheherenow

    Awesome! I like how many of your bottoms look totally different when paired with different tops. There’s a lot of variety in only 30ish pieces! I also do P333, or somewhere around 33 pieces. I didn’t count so strictly this summer, so I may have closer to 40, although I haven’t worn some pieces after all. And I also omit shoes and accessories.
    I was surprised when you said this was your summer wardrobe in the South though – at first glance I thought it must be a cooler/fall climate – perhaps partly because of the colors? I can’t wear most of the combinations you have shown because of the summer heat, but I live in the Pacific NW where it’s a lot cooler… I guess maybe the difference is air conditioning…? (which we don’t have) Or maybe just lifestyle or personal comfort. I can barely stand to wear long pants at all in the summer! I made that mistake yesterday, thinking that cloudy meant cool… no, actually it meant humid! 🙂

    • harkathome

      Air conditioning definitely makes a difference! We have also had a pretty mild summer. I do love my autumnal colors and wear them year-round. And I’ll admit…some of these days, I was wishing I’d worn shorts instead of jeans! I’ve been on the look out for structured jean shorts but have had trouble finding them. Good luck with your P333! I like having some parameters, even if I don’t stick with all of them.

  4. heather

    thank you for sharing all your pictures- i love seeing that! i also love the part about enough- such a good feeling we don’t often even notice until we’ve passed it by…for too much! 🙂

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  6. lethally

    33 items is quite a lot, I’m finding. I’m only new to the Project, and as a result am leaving some spaces “empty” to fill as I figure out what I actually want and need from my wardrobe.

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